About us

Pure Norway is an incoming tour operator, specialized on the leisure market. Our clients are tour operators and other tourism professionals, and we organize group and FIT tours for tour series and tailor-made programs. Following closely the tourism industry and understanding the specific needs of our partners markets, we can insure to exceed the expectations of our clients.

Our tours

We have identified 9 travel themes representing different “types” of tourists which visit Norway. On this website we briefly present these categories and hope that this will inspire you to contact us to plan the next step of your trip. We offer a wide range of accommodation, activities and transport alternatives, and our packages are easily adjustable to cater to your wishes and budget.


Born into a family of travelers, Sébastien spent his first 25 years between New Caledonia in the south Pacific, Australia, and the south of France. Settled in Norway in 2001 he has been organizing trips in Scandinavia ever since. Curious and passionate by nature, he continues to explore Norway at every opportunity, on land or at sea, as much in search of a new tourist attraction as for his own pleasure.

Driven by his passion for cross country skiing, Jean-François left  the Vosges to move to Norway. Certified guide, he enjoys showing Gjøvik through different activities, but always outdoors !

Jean-François is also our sustainability expert.

Originally from Bretagne on the west coast of France, Bruno has always had an interest for travelling and Northern Europe in particular. After studying tourism, he soon turned to Scandinavian inbound travel and the organization of group tours on the French market. While he lives today in Paris, his heart remains in the fjords and the Lofoten islands where he has been organizing trips for more than 10 years.

After living in France, the US, Singapore and Canada, it is in Norway that Esther decided to settle.

Open to new discoveries, she is exploring the country and learning the local culture in order to share it with others.

Fom Finland, Liisa spent all her summers since childhood under the midnight suns and looks forward to sharing her love for the Great North !

She now resides in Scandinavia and has been working as a travel consultant since 2014 : Norway has no more secrets for her !


Born in Le Mans, France, Pierre fell in love with travelling during a charity rally in the Sahara Desert. Eager for nature and road trips, he decided to move to Norway, to look for places as authentic and untamed as possible. He is looking forward to introducing you to this astonishing nature.

Our technology

In 2022, Pure Norway develops a software within the agency in order to optimize productivity and the outcomes of our work. Hand in hand with an IT development agency in Gjøvik, we now own a unique software, tailor-made for our needs as an agency. This technology has a great impact on our internal organization and allows us to provide our clients with travel documents that are professional, thorough and accessible online on phones, tablets and computers.

Reasons to work with us

☏ While travelling in Norway, your clients will have a 24/7 access to chat services and emergency phone line

🗺 We attend international tourism fairs, including the ITB in Berlin, WTM in London and Top Resa in Paris.

⟳ Dedication to sustainable travels

⌨ Use of modern softwares, developed for and within the company

✰ Pure Norway AS is a member of the Norwegian Travel Guarentee Fund, registered with the Norwegian Ministry of trade and industry, as well as a member of the Enterprise Federation of Norway