Our commitment to sustainable tourism

The goal of our commitments is to promote practices with positive effects on our lands and communities while reducing harmful impacts.

The suppliers we partner with are selected based on there will to follow the necessary steps towards a more sustainable tourism industry.

Our sustainability policy is divided into 10 themes. Each theme consists of a set of principles and practical actions accordingly :

1. Sustainability management & legal compliance
2. Internal management : social policy & human rights
3. Internal management : Environment and community relations
4. Partner agency
5. Transports
6. Accommodations
7. Excursions et activities
8. Tour leaders, local representatives and guides
9. Destinations
10. Customer communication and protection

All those themes include reflection and action steps to reach our goal of a more sustainable tourism industry. A practical example of our steps is the creation of our “Green Tours”

Our own commitment is strongly linked to the commitment of our clients. It is our duty to help and inform our customers about the steps and behaviors supporting our strategy. To do so, we have drafted a convention and invite everyone to participate in our steps.


Procedures handbook, your contribution :

❀ Care for nature, it is the main attraction of your trip in Norway, don’t harm it

❀ Respect restrictions in nature reserves and national parcs. Those restrictions are there to protect the wildlife and environment in general

❀ Limit your transportation in polluting vehicules. Choose hiking, cycling or public transportations

❀ Air transport is the most polluting mean of transportation. Redeem your carbon footprint by extending your stay, one long travel is better than several short ones

❀ Support local and sustainable shops when buying souvenirs, food and drinks

❀ Respect local habits and customs


We have the pleasure to announce that our agency is a certified partner of the organization Travelife since June 2023. Travelife is a reference  in the development of sustainable tourism and rewards, among others, the incoming tour operators dedicated to social and sustainable development.

“I am delighted to see that sustainability in the tour operators sector is obtaining momentum. The award of the front runner Pure Norway will inspire other companies in Norway to follow the same path”

Mr Naut Kusters, Manager of Travelife for Tour Operators