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Why travel to Norway ?

First of all, Norway is the ideal destination to recharge and reconnect with nature. Indeed, the many fjords, mountains and forests, combined with the low density and the high security, make Norway a relaxing country for all.

Moreover, the recent growth of tourism here in Norway lead the country to develop a lot of activities everywhere. All seasons are welcoming, the summer hikes turn into snowshoeing expeditions as soon as the first snow hits the ground and, at the same time, the midnight sun leaves the sky to let the northern lights shine.

The cultural scene is expending in Oslo as well as all over the country. Museums are being renovated and build in the capital city, for instance the Nation Museum opened in 2022, right after the Munch Museum, which opened in 2021 and only a couple years after the Opera, inaugurated in 2008. The Norwegian cultures has never been confined between four walls as you can also visit many open air museums with traditional buildings from the last centuries as well as the famous remianing stavkirkes, wooden churches from the Middle Age.

It is closed to nature that you can connect with Norwegian cultures, Viking heritage as well as experience the Sámi legacy, people settled mostly in the North of the country.

How to travel in Norway ?

All of Norway as a lot to offer. Although the most popular destinations are the Western Fjords and the North, the other regions of Norway really are worth the trip ! The variety of tourism in Norway relies not only on geography but also on seasons. As a tour operator, we have knowledge on destinations from North to South and cherish strong relationships with our suppliers, year round, through trials, visits and discussions.

There is a lot to see in Norway and we adapt our tours to the desired rythm. Action-filled trips are possible now more than ever as the boom in tourism as helped activity suppliers to grow and extend their products. Besides the traditional activities around hiking, biking and fishing, there are now more and more options such as kayaking and dog sledding. We also notice the appearance of 100% electric boats and the improvement of gastronomy with now more than 10 Michelin Star Restaurants. Don’t forget that what you don’t see during your trip is one more reason to come back to Norway !

The country is adapting very well to the new demand for sustainable tourism. Although road trips still are great ways to explore Norway, the public transportation system is extremely developped. The train, bus and boat networks are already strong enough to let you enjoy a lot of what Norway has to offer. Beyond means of transportation, trains are beautiful windows to the landscapes, especially the roads between Oslo and Bergen, Dombås and Åndalsnes as well as Flåm and Myrdal, each one having been praised internationnaly for their scenery.

It is with the goal to answer to the rise of sustainable travel that Pure Norway has developped the theme Green Tours. Beside Green Tours, we offer 8 other themes : Round Trips, Culture, Experience, Hiking, Fishing, Winter, Events & Shore Ex. The aim of those 9 themes is to offer a trip that meets one’s specific expectations.

Quick facts about Norway :

Because of Norway’s topology, domestic flights are very frequent with over 50 airports, the main one being Gardermoen, North of Oslo. Indeed, with 1200 fjords, the biggest one being the 205km long Sognefjord, several glaciers including continental Europe’s tallest one Jostedal, and mountains as high as 2469 meters for Galdhøpiggen, the time scheduled for one strech of road tends to be a lot longer than expected.

Furthermore, Norway is a very streched out and the Northernmost and Southernmost points are separated by 3000 kilometers, and the distance betwwen Oslo and Kirkenes is the same as between Oslo and Roma ! Norway has a couple of neighbors and shares borders with 3 countries : Russia, Finland and Sweden. On the Western side, only water with the Northern Sea becoming the Norwegian Sea once you are North of the 62nd parallel. This coastal access explains why Norway’s main industry is oil and gas exports.

9 Norwegians sites are on the UNESCO list : the Geirangerfjord, Sognefjord, Bryggen neighbourhood in Bergen, Urnes Stavkirke, Røros mining town, Vega’s archipelagos, Rjukan-Notodden industrial site, Struve Geodetic Arc and the rock carvings in Alta. The cultural and historical richness of Norway is impressive. The aboundant nature in itself is worth the trip. However this luxurious landscapes are completed by the histories of Norwegian peoples, such as the Sámis and Vikings, the brave polar expeditions lead, among others, by Roald Amundsen from the late 19th century. More recently, Norway has been the home of internationnaly know artists such as Edvard Munch, Edvard Grieg, Gustav Vigeland and remains today home of the Nobel Prize.

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