Gjøvik like a local

The small town of Gjøvik, located on the banks of Norway’s largest lake, is where our agency is based and where we invite our visitors to try the Pure Norway Experience.

Experience the Norwegian way of life and discover our region at the same time. We will give an insight into the local culture and explore the outdoors as the locals do. Traditional Norwegian activities are included and selected according to our guests’ tastes and possibilities.

The service of a personal English-speaking guide is also included. You will be met upon arrival in Gjøvik, and benefit from valuable insider tips to make your stay more enjoyable. Your host will also show you some of the areas hidden gems and make you taste local food specialties.

Experience… the rest

Your stay in Gjøvik is coming to an end, so where to from here? You can connect to one of our other packages to continue your adventure. From Gjøvik, you can easily reach Lillehammer if you are travelling north, or the Bergen line if you want to try one of our other green tours in the Fjord region.

Experience checklist during your stay : Friluftsliv – Bålkos – Blåtime – Allemannsretten -Fred & ro

Natural, Sustainable

Packages are part of the Pure Norway Green Tours, meaning that we try to make the tours as sustainable as possible. All modes of transport and activities are selected to have the lowest possible negative impact on the environment.

Gjøvik is easily reached by train so we suggest this alternative to get her. During your stay in Gjøvik, bikes or E-bikes will be at your disposal to get around, and you can also take a local bus to get to your activities.

Our goal is to offer nature-based activities, all year round.

Most of our guests visit us between the months of may and September. During this period we can offer the following activities:  nature walks, cycling, paddling, fishing, birdwatching.

If you dream of visiting Norway in the winter, the area around Gjøvik is perfect to experience a real winter wonderland. We recommend an initiation to cross-country skiing, or as an alternative the growingly popular activity of snowshoeing. Both activities are easily accessible, and you may choose to try them on your own or with the help of a guide.

Other activities which we offer in the winter: Dog sledding, Ice fishing, sauna & Icebathing

Remember, there’s no bad weather, only bad clothes.

Friluftsliv, a Norwegian philosophy.

Meaning literally “freeairlife”, the concept of friluftsliv is about the relationship between people and nature. A way of life which pushes you to the outdoors, to use the right to roam – Allemansrett – and to reconnect. In Norway, it is done by more persons than any other activity.

As people more and more look to spend time outdoors, we aim to place friluftsliv at the center of our tours in Gjøvik.

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