There’s no bad weather, only bad clothing !

We say that “there’s no bad weather, only bad clothes”. Norwegians love winter and have learnt to adapt to it. They have winter sports in their DNA and skiing as a lifestyle. 

As a winter destination, Norway has experienced a boom in recent years, with thousands of international tourists, travelling north, attracted by the magical Northern lights and a taste of artic exotic.

The city of Tromsø is regarded as the Northern lights capital of the world, but other destinations such as Alta, Narvik and Kirkenes are also perfect to experience the Aurora Borealis and try activities like whale watching, visiting reindeer farms or king crab fishing.

An increasing number of winter tourists is also traveling to the Fjord region and to the eastern part of Norway. Activities like dog sledging, snow shoeing and cross-country skiing are accessible for all and a great way to experience our winter wonderland.

Quick winter facts

Cross country skiing

Cross country skiing is the most popular winter sport in Norway. Not surprising for a country which offers fantastic snow conditions and free access to more than 30.000 kms of prepared tracks.


The airport of Evenes, in northern Norway is the perfect starting point to discover Lofoten, Vesterålen and the island of Senja. Pure Norway offers fly & drive packages to these 3 great destinations.

Ski history museum

During a stay in Oslo, we recommend a visit to the Norwegian ski museum. There you can learn about Norwegian winter legends, like Sondre Norheim, regarded as the father of skiing, having invented a new kind of skis with binding going around the heel of the boot, making it possible to jump and make turns.

Northern lights

Northern lights are particles thrown out from the sun during solar explosions into the direction of the earth’s magnetic shield. The phenomenon takes places approx. 100 km above our heads and can best be observed on a cold winter evening, between September and April.

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