An angler’s paradise

Boasting the world’s second longest coastline, and thousands of clean lakes and rivers, Norway is not surprisingly an angler’s paradise.

Fishing is fun for all, and we love suggesting this activity to our international visitors. For us, your fishing experience is as much about being outdoors and connecting with nature, enjoying Norway’s spectacular sceneries, as it is about the thrill of getting a bite and catching yourself your own evening dinner.

Our favorite fishing tour is a one week fresh and saltwater combo, taking you from east to west. Starting with pike and perch fishing in the calm lakes of the Gjøvik region, continuing in search of a mountain trout in the rivers of Valdres, and rounding off via the fjords to the coast, where cod, saithe and mackerel are never too shy to bite.


Norway exports more than 1,1 million tons of fish per year, the majority coming from farming of salmon and trout. Aquafarming of cod, halibut and muscles is also developing, and guided tours of a local fish farm can be organized in the fjord region and Northern Norway.

The fishing industry

Harvesting fish has always been essential in Norway. Dependent on this resource for its own survival, the country is also a historical exporter of both wild and farmed species. Export of the famous Norwegian klippfish was started by the Vikings who salted and dried fish on cliffs. Conserving fish by drying and salting has been used by Norwegian ever since.

The most popular place to observe this tradition is the Lofoten islands, where cod is still hung out to dry on racks, during the months of January and april.

Fishing as a sport

The World Championships in cod fishing takes place in the Lofoten each year, in the end of march.

You can complete your fishing adventure in Norway by including during your stay a visit to one of the following local aquariums: Bergen aquarium, Atlantahavsparken in Ålesund, Sognefjord aquarium in Balestrand, The Lofoten aquarium in Kabelvåg and Polaria, beside the Norwegian polar institute in Tromsø. 

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